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Aerial hoop without grip – Blue

You can use the acrobatics circle as a strengthening, diversifying exercise in the air or as a relaxation tool. Thanks to the training in a circle, you will strengthen your body, especially the parts that are neglected during normal exercise. Exercising in a circle is very popular at home, in the garage or other areas, as you do not need high ceilings and a lot of space. We also supply the aerial hoop with gluing so that you have no other worries.





  • Circle Diameter : according to the choice
  • Tubing Diameter: 2,5 cm
  • Material: steel
  • Working Load Limit: 150kg (330 lbs)
  • Tape color: blue


Calculation for the correct hoop diameter:

Length from hip to head + 15cm. In the case of a child who is still growing, we recommend buying a slightly larger hoop.

The main thing for acrobatics on the aerial hoop is that the circle fits you perfectly. We can provide you, like the only supplier in Slovakia, the circle made exactly to measure. If necessary, we will provide you the circle with a tailor-made handle.


What accessories are needed when buying an Aerial Hoop:

A hoop of suitable size + steel carabiner + aluminum carabinerswivel bearing + infinity loop + holder into the reinforced concrete ceiling also with the screws for rigging the aerial hoop (or other alternatives for rigging). Training aerial acrobatics can be dangerous, so always train by using crash mat. Carabiners, swivel bearings, ceiling attachments and infinity loops are not included – see accessories.


How to properly wrap an Aerial Hoop with grip tape:

To properly wrap the aerial hoop with grip tape, please refer to the tutorial video HERE.


Online video trainings:

Over 120 detailed video trainings are filmed by a professional trainer with international certification, who has over 15 years of experience in aerial acrobatics. In the videos, she precisely shows you how each figure should looks like and what you should avoid. You can watch the entire video program HERE.


How to care about your Aerial Hoop:

Do not expose to rain, snow or other extreme conditions. The customer is responsible for the correct use, maintenance and rigging of the aerial hoop. Trainings in the air always perform with the presence of mattress.


Safety feature:

A safety ball is inserted under the weld as a fuse, which ensures that the aerial hoop retains its shape in the event of an accident.

Additional information

The size of Aerial Hoop

90 cm, 92 cm, 95 cm, 98 cm, 100 cm, 102 cm, 106 cm