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Aerial silk performance

Aeria silk solo

The performance of one acrobat is performed at a height of several meters. Breathtaking performances during which the acrobat is secured only by an acrobatic silk. The acrobat will show you his years of experience and trainings, which play an important part of the skills.  A solo performance is ideal for events with a smaller budget or not such a huge space, in which our acrobat can bring elegance and magnificence to your event.

Aerial silk synchro

Our aerial silk synchro performance will remind you a reflection in the mirror. Two or more acrobats perform their number with excellent precision on acrobatic silks at a several meters height. The synchronicity and precision of acrobats at height will bring your clients an experience that they will remember for the rest of their life.

Aerial silk duo

A performance full of energy performed by acrobatic couple – man + woman is sign of trust, while an acrobat is in a height and secured only by her acrobatic partner. The interplay and trust during this performance are intertwined as the hands of an acrobatic couple during the performance.

Aerial hoop performance

Aeria hoop solo

The acrobat performs a solo performance on stainless steel acrobatic hoop that is constantly rotating, which gives the show a spectacular  effect. The contrasting connection of the stainless steel acrobatic hoop with the elegance of the acrobat creates an impressive show that will be an experience for every viewer. The Aerial hoop performance can be performed in a space with a lower ceiling, despite the fact that the choreography is performed at a height above the ground.

Aerial hoop synchro

The symbol of the aerial hoop synchro performance is the perfect coordination of several acrobats at a height. The interaction of acrobats during the performance at height gives the show a breathtaking impression. We can customize the perfomance of acrobats according to your requirements.

Aerial hoop duo

A thrilling performance of two acrobats in one hoop, which takes place at a height. The performance is performed with perfect precision and interaction. During the performance, there are positions where the acrobat is held only with the help of another acrobat. The combination of femininity, elegance, strength and confidence of two acrobats will leave an spectacular impression and an unforgettable experience for your clients.

Handstand performance

The sense of balance and precision is symbolized by the handstand performance. During this choreography, the acrobat uses an acrobatic handstand blocks on which are two poles and hand-grips on which the acrobat performs handstands at a height of approximately 80 cm. The show can be performed in almost any space, as it does not need a high ceiling or a large area.

Aerial chains performance

The combination of strength and elegance is perfectly described by the performance of aerial chains. The clinking of chains during the artistic performance of an acrobat brings sensuality and an exciting experience full of energy to the performance.

Contortion performance

A show during which the acrobat will convince you that the limits of the human body are infinite. During the performance, the acrobat shows your clients the flexibility of the human body. An unforgettable and captivating experience awaits every viewer who sees the performance of the contortionist with their own eyes. The performance of the contortionist is suitable for any event and in any space, as there is no need for a high ceiling, a large stage or other special tools.

Flying Pole performance

During the flying pole performance, there is a connection between aerial acrobatics and pole dance. The whole performance is performed at a height above the ground, which gives it even more elegance. Since the pole is not connected with the ground, the acrobat can fly freely through the air. During the entire performance, the acrobat spins around her own axis, which gives the performance an even greater artistic experience for the audience.

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