Frequently asked questions

1. Can I register even if I am a beginner? What is the bottom age limit to register?


Yes, you can register to all lectures even as a beginner who has no previous sport experience. In our lectures you will be told everything starting from the total basic to more complicated elements and combinations. However, we recommend our Flying Pole lectures to start only if you already have some sport experience or after completing minimum of 15 hours of acrobatics or pole dancing. We are recommending aerial acrobatics lectures for everyone from 8 years old. However, in case a child already has some sport discipline and is also able to pay attention whilst not disturbing others in the lecture, we can accept registration even in earlier age. We always prefer individual approach. For children aged 5-7 years, we have a special program of acrobatic gymnastic training, which is adapted to their age and knowledge.


2. Is there a weight limit?


We do not have any weight limit. All of our equipment is certified for hundreds of kilograms and these are checked regularly as well.


3. Is aerial hoop or aerial silk better for beginner?


The choice of equipment is each individual decision. In case of interest in hoop, for beginners we can hang the hoop low to eliminate the fear and to help you get up on the hoop. In case of interest in silks, you will be told in first lectures only basics which are in the safe height. Only after few weeks of practice we will start working a bit higher in the air. Hoop may be found by most beginners easier than silks, but it may be a bit more uncomfortable and painful.


4. How to register for lectures? When and how is the system to register usually open?


Registration for the lecture is in the section BOOKING. Chose a lecture suitable and click the lecture. Then you will be redirect and fill up application. Registration will be open 7 days before the beginning of each new course. The date and time till opening the registration can be always found on the top in the section booking. In that exact time the registration system will be open, and here are going to be displayed all lectures open for registration, according the actual schedule (displaying all lectures may take our system up to 120 seconds). Sometimes classes get fully booked in only few minutes, hence it is important to register immediately on the time of registration system opening.

In case you are interested in private lesson, please contact us by e-mail.


5. What’s the difference between course, single workshop and private lesson?


Our courses take multiple weeks, where you will select exact time and day of the week, which will be always attending same over the whole duration of the course. This means, if course has 8 weeks duration and you register for Monday 18:00, you will attend every week the same day and time. You can register for more than one course at time, for example Mondays at 18:00 and also on Wednesdays at 17:00. In this case, you will be attending these classes during the whole 8 weeks long course. For registration click here.

Single workshops are organised occasionally during weekends. Single workshops are the best option for those who are not yet sure about desired course and would like to give it a try first. These workshops are also ideal for people busy over the week days or those who would like to train more often. You can register here.

Private lesson is adjusted individually according to skills and availability of client. A private lesson can be arranged by e-mail. Arrange a private lesson here.


6. What to do in case my desired lesson is already fully booked?


Some of our classes are fully booked within few minutes, hence why we recommend to register immediately after opening of the registration system. In case you were unable to book your spot, please contact us by e-mail and we will try to find a solution.


7. How does a traditional lesson look like and what results can I be expecting?


On each lesson we learn how to connect aerial elements and then how to combine them into a whole choreography with music. Each lesson has a choreography adjusted according the level of clients. A result of course is to be able to perform the whole choreography with smooth transition of aerial elements and with correct technique and performance. To be able to follow the whole choreography should normally take about 3-4 months, and after that you will be assigned with new choreography or you can be added to higher level category.


8. Can I come to check out the class?


To observe and acquire single entrance to one of our classes you can only use our weekend workshop. These are scheduled and updated always in the section booking. All you need to do is to register to your desired workshop and you can come to check us out.


9. May I train multiple times a week? How much will I have to pay?


Yes, you can register to more courses at the time, hence you will be training multiple times a week. We highly recommend you to attend courses regularly, at least twice a week, in order to gain the strength, condition and technique. If you purchase 2 courses at the time, you will pay double amount of one course and so on… (prices of different courses may vary).


10. Can I come to course without registration?


In order to be able to keep a high standard and offer enough training equipment for our clients, you must register in advance for each lecture.


11. How can I pay for my course?


For each lecture you can pay in cash or in advance by bank transfer. All courses and single workshops have to be paid for latest in the day of course beginning. In case you will be coming for the first time, it is necessary to pay 5 euros for chip, which you will need to identify yourself at the entrance to studio.

Bank account: SK5811000000002945085524

Add to note: Member fee + name of the member


12. How to know which level to register for?


Aerial silk 


  • For everyone without any previous experience with acrobatics or other sports. Also suitable for a more experienced client who is interested in repeating the basics of aerial acrobatics.


Intermediate – prerequisites that you should know if you are interested in being in a intermediate group.

  • Russian climb
  • French – Classic climb
  • Split roll up
  • Flamenco grip
  • Low basic straddle – hammock – with straight back and bended knees min. 3 repetitions
  • Upright tuck – with bended knees min. 3 repetitions
  • Mastering beginner choreography with smooth transitions and the right technique


Advanced – prerequisites that you should know if you are interested in being in a advanced group.

  • Low Basic straddle – hammock – with straight back and straight legs min. 1 repetitions
  • Double foot locks from the air
  • Single foot lock from the air
  • Cross back straddle – Classic entry – with straight legs and back, do not swing with yourself
  • Hip key – with straight legs
  • Egg beater wraps
  • Rebeca Split into Rebecca drop
  • Same side inversion into hip key
  • Opposite side inversion climb


Aerial hoop


  • For everyone without any previous experience with acrobatics or other sports. Also suitable for a more experienced client who is interested in repeating the basics of aerial acrobatics.


Intermediate – prerequisites that you should know if you are interested in being in a intermediate group.

  • Basic seat
  • Front balance into sit
  • Back star
  • Vertical split
  • Pull ups conditioning – min. 2 repetitions
  • Back flip hoop entry
  • Mastering beginner choreography with smooth transitions and the right technique


Advanced – prerequisites that you should know if you are interested in being in a advanced group.

  • Inversion
  • Pike
  • Pull ups conditioning – min. 4 repetitions
  • One knee hook on the bottom bar
  • Walking man
  • Mexican fang


13. What clothes to wear and what to bring with?


To lessons of aerial acrobatics on silks, hoops and flying pole you should wear ankle-fit leggings and t-shirt to cover your skin on your back fully. This is precaution to avoid skin burning. In aerial acrobatics lessons we exercise in socks or with bare feet, hence you will not need to bring any shoes. For dancing classes, stretching and workout you can wear your sports clothes which is comfortable for you. Also bring with you good mood and determination. All needed equipment will be provided for you without any additional fee. You can also use our rehabilitation equipment to massage sore muscles, cramps or tendons.


14. How can I compensate missed class?


Included in the price of each lesson you already have TWO missed classes to compensate, if you sign up for your hours up to 24 hours before the start of the class. You can unsubscribe from a class by clicking on your class, selecting the date you do not want to attend, and then filling in your email. The missed lesson can be compensated only until the end of your course. This means, in case you purchase 8 weeks long course, you will NOT be able to compensate your missed class after this 8 weeks time period. It is not possible to transfer compensation class to another course. In case you paid for more than one course at the time, you have more compensation lessons to use. This means, if you purchased 2 courses at the time, you will have 4 lessons to compensate your missed classes. You can register for missed class in the section “náhradné hodiny/missed class to compensate” HERE.


15. How can I cancel or change my mind about the course or workshop?


Cancellation or changing your mind about purchased course or workshop can be done up to 48 hours before the beginning of the course or workshop. This can be done by e-mail or directly in the system by clicking on the class where you are registered. After the course beginning there is no option to cancel. If you will not manage to cancel and inform us more than 48 hours before the course, you must pay for course or workshop in the full amount, as all our courses and classes have capacity limits and you took a spot of somebody else.


16. How can I find out when is the end of my course and when will next begin?


In the section Classes you can always find the length of each actual course and when will the new one begins. Also, you will receive an e-mail about your course reservation, including all particular dates and details when your course will be taking place.


17. What’s next when my course is finished?


Once your course is finished, another course follows up. If you would not be able to perform the whole choreography from your course smoothly and with the right technique, we will highly recommend to stay within the same course in your current group and work some more on your performance. If you will be able to pass the level, we will recommend you to the higher level. If you are not sure whether you are ready to step up to higher level or stay within, just ask your coach.


18. Can I buy an aerial silk or a hoop?


All equipment required we can provide for you from our e-shop.


19. Can the aerial acrobatics be a dangerous sport?


Aerial acrobatics may be a dangerous sport, when it is being practiced unsupervised and without professional tools and equipment. We make sure that we always train and practise with professional mattress, with respect towards the sport, and we always emphasise correct technique, safety and according to your best knowledge.


20. Will I lose my lessons in case of “lockdown”?


You will not miss the lessons, but all lessons will be suspended and you will be able to use them after opening. In case of “lockdown” we do not return the money.


If you haven’t found the right answer, please do not hesitate to contact us HERE.