The experience of our trainers is a guarantee of the highest quality of education

Our coaches

  • more than 10,000 lessons taught as aerial acrobatics coaches
  • together more than 50 years of acrobatics experience
  • completion of more than 10 coaching certificates, seminars and webinars in the field of aerial acrobatics, stretching, physio, fitness, bodybuilding…
  • multiple champions of Slovakia, Europe and the world in various sports
  • over 700 professional acrobatic and dance performances worldwide
  • several foreign camps focused on aerial acrobatics
  • hundreds satisfied clients

JUDr. Monika Šichmák Bočová

Monika started as a modern gymnast and did it for 15 years. She started acrobatics in 2010. Monika’s style of learning is through teaching. Based on her many years of professional experience, she will teach you how to properly engage your muscles, proper warm-up and preparatory strengthening elements that will help you in the air. Subsequently, it precisely demonstrates specific elements in the air, which you will gradually combine into a choreography. To top it up, to avoid incorrect technical design as well as possible risks in case of incorrect demonstration.

  • internationally certified acrobatics coach specializing in Aerial Silk recognized by American trainers, NASM & AFFA
  • certified fitness and bodybuilding trainer recognized by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sports of the Slovak Republic
  • more than 15 years of professional experiences with aerial acrobatics
  • as an aerial acrobatics trainer she has learned almost 5 000 hours
  • professional acrobat – participates in more than 500 various art performances and events around the world, Qatar, Thailand, Indonesia, Canary Islands, Italy, Spain…
  • ex-representant in gymnastics
  • 1st place Airy Fairy 2019 – silk professional
  • nominated for the Ružinov 2019 athlete award
  • law degree and obtained a doctorate at Comenius University in Bratislava

Bc. Katarína Brčáková

Katka has more than 10 years of rich artistic experiences, when she started playing the piano at the age of 5, she sang and then played the flute. She first encountered acrobatics in 2015, when she started in the pole dance . Subsequently, began to practice lessons of aerial silk. Katka has completed several foreign camps, where she had the opportunity to train and learn from up to 45 coaches from around the world from Hong Kong, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, etc. At the same time, she is constantly training at various official international seminars and webinars in the field of proper muscle involvement and proper exercise techniques.

  • 2x internationally certified acrobatics coach specializing in Aerial Silk recognized by American trainers, NASM & AFFA
  • more than 6 years of experience in aerobatics
  • rich knowledge in the field of conditioning technology
  • as an aerial acrobatics trainer she has learned almost 1 000 hours
  • completed 5 foreign camps with professional acrobats
  • completion of education at several seminars and webinars focused on aerial acrobatics
  • attending an intensive training course for professional acrobats with the Gravity Circus School in Great Britain

Ing. arch. Barbora Deáková

Barbora has been playing tennis for many years and has participated in several tournaments. In 2017, she completed her first course in aerial acrobatics on the ring and subsequently she also devoted herself to wheel, pole dance, chair dance, but she definitely returned to the ring. During the competition years in tennis, she learned hard work, gained an excellent sports foundation and self-discipline. As a result, she began to practice aerial hoop intensively. From an early age, she had a relationship with art and sports. She fell in love with aerial acrobatics because for her it represents a perfect combination of both of her passions into one.

  • certifikovaný osobný tréner 1.stupňa v zmysle zákona o športe – c.440/2015 Z.z.
  • more than 6 years of acrobatics experience
  • currently as a coach she has learned more than 500 hours of aerial acrobatics
  • 1st place Butterfly Cup 2022 – hoop professional
  • 2nd place Aerial Emotion Bratislava 2023 – hoop professional
  • participation in an educational international camp in Bulgaria with Angelina Usmanova

Bc. Miroslava Zbitáková

Mirka started playing the violin at age 5, which helped her with discipline and improved her artistic sensitivity. As a child, she tried karate, ballet, and majorette sport. Later she fully devoted herself to the sport of majorette. She performed with majorettes at various international festivals and performances around Europe. During college, she started doing Ashtanga Yoga, which further deepened her love for movement and anatomy, so she made a first series course. She has been practicing it ever since. In her spare time, she studies anatomy, proper muscle function, and proper exercise technique. She has been doing aerial acrobatics for 3 years. She started with aerial silks and aerial hoop. Aerial hoop is Mirka’s great love, that’s why she took part in competitions in Ostrava and Prague. Both these disciplines evoke tenderness, elegance, precision, and grace in her. Mirka attended a foreign camp focused on acrobatics on the hoop, where she had various foreign instructors, from whom she gained a lot of experience. For more than 6 years, Mirka has been working in a Montessori kindergarten, where she has gained a lot of experience working with children.

  • currently as a coach she has learned more than 600 hours of aerial acrobatics
  • more than three years of experience in aerial acrobatics on silks and hoop
  • participation in international performances in Monaco, France, Italy, and Spain…
  • rich experience in working with children

Mgr. Martina Juríková

Martina has been training modern gymnastics from pre-school age, to which she is faithful for ten years. During these years, she became the multiple champion of Slovakia. In addition to gymnastics, she also participated in various types of dance, such as jazz, latin american dances and contemporary dance in many international competitions. Later, she also tried a relatively unknown sport in Slovakia – aesthetic gymnastics, which is practiced without equipment and contains many dance elements and movements. Subsequently, she began to be interested into yoga, to strengthen her body and mind. After finishing college, she decided to try a new challenge in the form of aerial acrobatics on a hoop, and this sport enchanted her so much that she decided to practice it every second of her free time. Due to the fact that it combines muscle strengthening, improving flexibility in combination with elegance of movement, she considers it as an ideal sports activity, which is also very attractive to the audience. Thanks to her experience in gymnastics, you will experience a precise warm-up with Martina, which will perfectly prepare you for a lesson of aerial acrobatics.

  • certified personal trainer 1st degree in accordance with the Sports Act – c.440/2015 Coll.
  • more than 4 years of experience with aerial acrobatics
  • currently as a coach she has learned more than 200 hours of aerial acrobatics
  • 2nd place Butterfly Cup 2022 – hoop amateur
  • 1st place Picnic Battle 2022 – hoop amateur
  • participation in an educational international camp in Bulgaria with Angelina Usmanova
  • multiple vice-champion of Slovakia in modern gymnastics
  • successful participant in various Slovak and international competitions in dance and gymnastics
  • part of the Slovak team at the European gymnastics event

Mgr. Patrícia Pužarová

She started her artistic journey more than 12 years ago when she started attending contemporary and modern dance. She stayed with this beautiful sport for 10 years, during which she learned to feel the rhythm of the music, the gracefulness, fluidity, and dynamics of the movement. Participating in international competitions, later in music videos, and performances taught her perseverance and discipline. These qualities came in handy later when she started taking her first pole dancing classes. After some time, she also discovered aerial acrobatics on silks, which she immediately fell in love with, to which she has devoted herself ever since.

  • currently as a coach she has learned more than 300 hours of aerial acrobatics
  • more than four years of experience in aerial acrobatics on silks
  • participating in international competitions
  • she has gained a lot of experience with dance

Bc. Michaela Csicsayová

Michaela has been dancing professionally since she was seven years old. She represented Slovakia at several World Cups and international competitions, where she has been on medal positions. Thanks to competitions and daily trainings, she has got a lot of experience in the field of sports from an early age. In 2016, she became the champion of Slovakia and the vice-champion at the World championships in the category disco dance group and street dance show group. She has graduated sports gymnasium, thanks to which she received a coaching license II. degree. Later, she discovered aerial acrobatics, which captivated her so much that she has been doing it until now. Thanks to many years of sports practice in the field of dance and academic theory, which she acquired through her studies, she will teach you how to combine the sports and artistic aspects of aerial acrobatics into one.

  • graduated with a coaching license II. degree
  • more than 5 years o experience in aerial acrobatics
  • currently as a coach she has learned more than 200 hours of aerial acrobatics
  • the champion of Slovakia and the vice-champion at the World championships in the category disco dance group and street dance show group

Mgr. Alexandra Pokorná

Sasha is a former representative in modern gymnastics, which she started to do in 1998, till 2014. During these years, she became the champion of Slovakia several times and participated in several European and World championships as a representative of the Slovak Republic. In 2015, she discovered aerial acrobatics for the first time. She was so captivated by aerial acrobatics that after an active career as a gymnast, she began to train it professionally. Subsequently, she became an aerial acrobatics trainer in Austria and participated in several shows and performances throughout Europe. At the top of her career, she has graduated at Faculty of Physical Education and Sport in Bratislava, majoring in fitness coaching. As a coach with a Master’s degree, she has a lot of experience working with children. For several years now, she has been successfully leading gymnastics and aerial acrobatics trainings for the little ones, where she applies university theory as well as practice, which she acquired during her professional career as a gymnast and acrobat.

  • more than 7 years of experience with aerial silk and aerial hoop
  • champion of Slovakia in modern gymnastics for several times
  • a lot of experience working with children
  • as a coach, she has done more than 200 lessons of aerial acrobatics
  • completed dozens of acrobatic performances all over Europe

MSc. Kristina Popelková

Kika has been intensively involved in modern gymnastics and show dance since she was 4 years old. She has been practicing gymnastics for 12 years and has remained dancing to this day. She represented Slovakia at several world cups, where she won medals. Her path to aerial acrobatics began with pole dance, which she did during her visit to the University of England. After returning to Slovakia, she was looking for something new that would be both challenging and creative for her. One day she visited an hour of aerial hoop and is still fully dedicated to it to this day. The sports base she built from an early age and her rich experience in gymnastics and dance gave her excellent conditions for aerial acrobatics on the ring.

  • she is a multiple champion of Slovakia in modern gymnastics, a European champion and a world champion in show dance
  • has participated in hundreds of performances and performances around the world, Dubai, Qatar, France, Romania, Slovenia, etc.…
  • as an aerial acrobatics trainer she has learned more than 400 hours

Nela Otočková

Nelka has been involved in various sports since preschool. From competitive swimming to karate to gymnastics. Later, however, she was fascinated by dance and took part in various performances and recordings. She was brought to aerial acrobatics in 2019 by her co-performers, and at that time she found a sport that combined all her passions into one. At first she started with aerial silks, but it didn’t take long for her to fall in love with the aerial hoop too.

  • experience working with children and coaching
  • more than 3 years of experience with aerial acrobatics
  • as an aerial acrobatics trainer she has learned more than 100 hours
  • from an early age she devoted herself intensively to gymnastics and dance
  • as an aerial acrobatics trainer she has learned more than 200 hours

BBA Barbara Rusnáková

Barbara’s approach to movement was shaped by workshops, residencies and evening schools of contemporary and aerial dance, as well as non-dance disciplines of various winter and summer adrenaline sports. She started with aerial acrobatics in 2016, first on silks and later on aerial hoop. She has participated in several acrobatic performances and movement installations in Slovakia and throughout Europe. She likes to approach the teaching of aerial acrobatics with creative techniques. Aerial acrobatics is reminding her dancing in the air. She is presenting new grip techniques to her students and loves interesting elements and unique combinations.

  • 7 years of experience with acrobatics on silk
  • completed more than 30 workshops with various dancers of contemporary dance and aerial acrobatics
  • participated in several performances throughout Europe

Bc. Hana

Hanka started as an swimmer and rowing at an early age. However, when she first saw acrobatics as a girl at one of the world’s circus shows, she was so fascinated by it that she decided to change her sports focus and started doing acrobatics. In 2014, Hanka started with pole dance classes for the first time and then with aerial acrobatics. She started with aerial silk and trapeze in the USA in Oregon, where she learned this beautiful sport and art all year round. For the last few years, Hanka has been intensively engaged in aerial hoop and silk, fly yoga, trapeze and pole dance. Hanka completed several foreign courses, where she had the opportunity to learn from the best acrobats in the world.

  • she completed an aerial acrobatics course with Itzel Salvatiera
  • currently as a coach she has learned more than 400 hours of aerial acrobatics
  • more than 7 years of acrobatics experience