About Us

Aerial acrobatics is a unique combination of sport and art that helps beginners gain strength and grace in the air. The lessons are also suitable for beginners who have no experience with gymnastics or other sports.

Complete beginners are also welcome for aerial acrobatics classes, who would like to strengthen their bodies while learning something new and unconventional. Aerial acrobatics gives women confidence, femininity, strength and helps them relax after work and forget about their daily worries.


The following can apply:

  • All adults, with no previous experience with acrobatics or any other sport is required. We adjust the training to make sure everyone can handle it.
  • All children from 8 years old. If the child has experience with sport behavior, can maintain attention and discipline in training, a younger child can also participate in class. We approach every  request individually.
  • All children aged 5 to 7 can register for acrobatic gymnastic preparation.


years of experience

1 000+



satisfied clients

10 000+

lessons taught

Aerial Acrobatics Center:

  • The biggest studio in Bratislava with the widest clientele in Slovakia
  • 2 studios in Bratislava
  • guarantee of own equipment – available 12 silks, 12 hoops
  • Professional, certified and experienced coaches who have been involved in sports since an early age
  • two coaches are internationally certified trainers of aerial acrobatics
  • Built for ideal conditions for aerial acrobatics training
  • Modern, professional and certified equipment
  • Newly approved and furnished place
  • Professional safety matt under every client
  • The studio has smart technologies
  • Sensors sensing CO2 with connection to air conditioning, which in the event of an increase in CO2 will automatically increase the performance of air conditioning
  • Outdoor light-responsive light sensors that automatically adjust the light intensity in the studio
  • An ozonator that kills viruses, bacteria and mold
  • Underfloor heating and air condition


What training would interest you the most?

JUDr. Monika Šichmák Bočová

Founder of Aerial Acrobatics Center and main coach

The idea of ​​teaching aerial acrobatics came in 2015, when she decided to open the gate of this beautiful sport and art in one, for public and not only for  professional acrobats /gymnast. Monika wanted to teach the average person to be able to step out own comfort zone, learn to rely on own body, and experience the income of endorphins that comes with aerial acrobatics.

what does our classes look like?


Thank you for awakening in me again the desire to sports and try something new such as aerial acrobatics. I tried a lot of sports and I can say that nowadays it is quite difficult to find a quality coach. I am extremely happy to have come across you. When I see how you can motivate everyone, how you enjoy every progress of your clients and the sincere joy and effort to do things well on a professional level only confirms that I made a good choice.


I’m very glad I decided to go to your studio. I like the ways of training very much and see that you are an expert in it. Since I came to you, I started to have aerial hoop even better and it took on a different dimension for me. If only were more coaches like you.


I recommend Monika, not only because of her highly professional and effective approach, but she also has a human and empathetic approach, which unfortunately many teachers lack … I learned more in her lessons than in any other school, every lesson is a positive escape from reality. .. I definitely recommend.


Today in training, I realized that after only two hours, I gained an incredible amount of strength both on my stomach and in my hands. And since I have a good muscular memory, my muscles move extremely fast and such an unreal progress that I see motivates me not only in class, but also in my personal life, thanks to you and I am incredibly grateful and happy to have the opportunity to learn from a great woman like you. Thank you.


Monika a full respect for what you has done this year. All those little things and the marketing of your choice are really far ahead of others. I’m looking forward to the next year, I love the feeling that this sport and art gives me, I feel really young.


Beautiful space, very nice, helpful and especially patient teacher. I’m glad I came across Monika 😊


All perfect, Monika is the best coach you can imagine.


I am very happy that my daughter can do aerial acrobatics with Monika. She is an amazing trainer and she is very friendly. She managed to arrange a beautiful space for training. The daughter is excited and would like to go to training every day.


I admired aerial acrobatics as a child in a circus. I knew it was a privilege that I would hardly have access to. And yet it happened. In a way, Monika fulfilled my childhood dream. Acrobats do those pieces with ease, but it’s a real cat. However, Monika will prepare perfectly for everything, so after a few attempts we will be able to do the same. It also takes a while for it to look so great and the movements are perfect, but it is motivating when you see your progress from training to training and manage more and more difficult tricks. I definitely recommend if anyone wants to try something special.


Monika Bočová is not only a great instructor, but also an excellent person. The new space is beautiful, clean, the large windows and mirrors of the room add their charm to acrobatics lessons. And I believe that I will repeat another workshop soon. Thank you very much 🙂


I really feel that you are a gorgeous aerialist. You have a full package of Beauty, Strength and Grace. You are very thoughtful in your movement. It was lovely to watch you in the air. As a teacher, you have dedicated and enthusiastic and I am sure your students love to train with you. You are very clear with your teaching and I am sure your students’ progress quickly. You are teacher, I would recommend.