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Flying Pole

“Flying Pole is a unique combination of female beauty and strength”


Flying pole is an exercise related to the pole dance, with the difference that the bottom of the pole is not anchored by bottom in the ground. The flying pole has two positions, the first is the vertical position, where the lower part of the pole is not anchored to the ground and the second is the rotating position, when the pole is anchored to the ground, but its upper part is lowered at a 45 degree. During the training we use both mentioned positions of the flying pole.

During the training you strengthen UP your muscles, improve flexibility and learn new acrobatic elements in the air. The uniqueness of our courses is not only learning specific elements, but we will prepare a tailor-made choreography, created from a combination of several elements and combined with smooth transitions into a comprehensive choreography with music. Choreography and lessons are adapted to each client according to his skills and knowledge.

As the only sports club of aerial acrobatics in Slovakia, we lead classes on flying pole. You don’t have to worry, we use safety mats under each client. Beginners train a few centimeters above the ground, while advanced can train at a height. In addition, in our sports club you are constantly under the supervision of the most experienced and professional acrobats in Slovakia. The lessons are conducted so that you can play sports, learn something new, unconventional and moreover have fun and feel good about overcoming yourself.


General information:

Flying pole is suitable for children from 8 years old. If the child has experience with sport behavior, can maintain attention and discipline in training, a younger child can also participate in class. We approach every  request individually. We recommend the course to beginners who already have other sports experiences. We adjust the training to make sure  everyone can handle it.

If you are interested in class more intensively, you can buy more courses and train several times a week. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us, our instructors will be happy to advise you on what course is the most suitable for you.


Currently in progress:

  • 8 – weeks course – 06.09.2021 – 31.10.2021

Next course:

  • 7 – weeks course – 01.11.2021 – 19.12.2021
  • 8 – weeks course – 03.01.2022 – 27.02.2022
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One-off workshop

One-off workshops are held regularly on weekends. A one-off workshop is also suitable for a beginner who is interested in flying pole. Workshops can also be attended by advanced clients who are interested to train multiple times a week. No course commitment is required to register for one-off workshop.

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We adapt the private lesson to each client according to his time availability and sport knowledge.

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Hana Matejovičová


Hanka started as an swimmer and rowing at an early age. However, when she first saw acrobatics as a girl at one of the world’s circus shows, she was so fascinated by it that she decided to change her sports focus and started doing acrobatics. In 2014, Hanka started with pole dance classes for the first time and then with aerial acrobatics. She started with aerial silk and trapeze in the USA in Oregon, where she learned this beautiful sport and art all year round. For the last few years, Hanka has been intensively engaged in aerial hoop and silk, fly yoga, trapeze and pole dance.

Hanka is currently an aerial acrobatics trainer who can teach even ordinary women “to fly without wings”.

Katarína Brčáková


Katka has more than 10 years of rich artistic experiences, when she started playing the piano at the age of 5, she sang and then played the flute. She first encountered acrobatics in 2015, when she started in the pole dance . Subsequently, began to practice lessons of aerial silk and participated in various foreign camps, where she had the opportunity to train with coaches from around the world from Hong Kong, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, etc …

Thanks to her musical hearing and sports experience, she is able to perfectly connect choreography with music and thus add a completely different dimension to the entire training, thanks to which sports and art merge, which aerial acrobatics definitely is.


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