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Knowing yoga provides hope and peace. In yoga, a path is presented that is constantly evolving and does not end.


The knowledge of yoga is very easy to apply to everyday life. They help to overcome stressful situations, liberate the mind and induce beneficial effects for your body. We develop this knowledge further with our clients, you just have to choose what kind of yoga you are interested in.


Flexi yoga is an undemanding form of yoga, suitable for beginners and advanced as well, through stretch yoga it strengthens the center of the body, improves general strength, flexibility and balance. A slower pace in the rhythm of our breath will bring relaxation of body and mind to our daily lives.

Energy flow yoga is a dynamic and more demanding form of yoga. In class, you will experience the connection of individual yoga asanas in the rhythm of conscious breathing. Energy yoga is focused on gaining strength, relieving stress and gaining harmony and mental balance.

Classical ashtanga yoga teach a comprehensive series of consecutive positions (asanas). It uses a short endurance in individual positions and again a dynamic transition (vinyasa) to the following position. Asanas are seamlessly connected to each other, there is a specific vinyasa for each asana, a way to get into the asana, how to get out of it, inhales and exhales combined with certain specific movements. When practicing ashtanga yoga, the key attention is onto the breathing. The combination of vinyasa and regular deep breathing deliver a long list of effective advantages for your body such as  creates a flow of energy, heat that warms up, oxygenates and nourishes organs, release unwanted toxins, and cleans the nervous system.


General information:

For beginners, no previous experience with yoga or any other sport is required. We adjust the training to make sure everyone can handle it.

If you are interested in class more intensively, you can buy more courses and train several times a week. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us, our instructors will be happy to advise you on what course is the most suitable for you.


We adapt the private lesson to each client according to his time availability and sport knowledge.

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