„It is a shame to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.” Socrates


Workout classes are designed for anyone who needs to strengthen their muscles, gain strength and feel good about overcoming themselves. The lessons are suitable for beginners who have a sedentary job and want to do something healthy for their body. Strength training classes also serve as an additional exercise for acrobats and an initial exercise for those interested in aerial acrobatics. The whole program is prepared for the advanced and also for beginner.

In class, we focus on exercising the whole body, which we achieve by alternating parts and various combinations of exercises. We focus on strengthening the muscles that help us with inverters and other basic and problematic elements in aerial acrobatics. We will teach you what proper strengthening exercises need to be repeated in order to sufficiently prepare and strengthen your body for aerial acrobatics. In classes, we strengthen with our own body weight.

General information:

For beginners, no previous experience with workout or any other sport is required. We adjust the training to make sure everyone can handle it.

If you are interested in class more intensively, you can buy more courses and train several times a week. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us, our instructors will be happy to advise you on what course is the most suitable for you.


Currently in progress:

  • 8 – weeks course – 10.01.2022 – 06.03.2022

Next course:

  • 8 – weeks course – 07.03.2022 – 01.05.2022
  • 8 – weeks course – 02.05.2022 – 26.06.2022
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We adapt the private lesson to each client according to his time availability and sport knowledge.

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