Acrobatic gymnastic preparation

“Aerial acrobatics or so-called wingless flying is a unique exercise that combines the power of sport and the creativity of art”


Acrobatic Gymnastic Preparation is a unique program adapted for children aged 5 to 8. In the classes, you will learn the basics of aerial acrobatics and gymnastics, proper climbing, tying knots on aerial silks, getting on the hoop, basic elements, combinations, bridge, somersault, and split, and you will also build stamina on the aerial silks. The entire program is tailored to teach you not only new elements, but also basic sports habits, discipline, and how to work as a team and maintain focus. We also design our lessons using a variety of games, adapted for ages 5 to 8, so that they have fun, learn something new, and look forward to each lesson.

During the training you strengthen UP your muscles, improve flexibility and learn new acrobatic elements in the air. The uniqueness of our courses is not only learning specific elements, but we will prepare a tailor-made choreography, created from a combination of several elements and combined with smooth transitions into a comprehensive choreography with music. Choreography and lessons are adapted to each client according to his skills and knowledge.

As the only sports club of aerial acrobatics in Slovakia, we have 12 silks available in the class for the best comfort of our members. You don’t have to worry, we use safety mats under each client. Beginners train a few centimeters above the ground, while advanced can train at a height of more than 5 meters. In addition, in our sports club you are constantly under the supervision of the most experienced and professional acrobats in Slovakia. The lessons are conducted so that you can play sports, learn something new, unconventional and moreover have fun and feel good about overcoming yourself.

During the course, beginners will learn the basics of aerial silk, proper climbing, knotting and basic elements and combinations. Advanced focus on the seamless connection of several combinations of elements, more complex and challenging tricks and their technically correct demonstration.


General information

The following can apply:

  • All children aged 5 to 8. If the child has experience with sport behavior, can maintain attention and discipline in training, a younger child can also participate in class. We approach every  request individually.

If you are interested to train more intensively, you can buy more courses and train several times a week. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us, our instructors will be happy to advise you on what course is the most suitable for you.


On each course we learn how to connect aerial elements and then how to combine them into a whole choreography with music. Each course has a choreography adjusted according the level of clients, depending you are beginner, intermediate or advanced. A result of course is to be able to perform the whole choreography with smooth transition of aerial elements and with correct technique and performance. To be able to follow the whole choreography should normally take about 3-4 months, and after that you will be assigned with new, more advanced choreography or you can be added to higher level category. Registration for the courses is always open one week before its start in the schedule section. If the course has already started, you can sign up via email. By signing up for the entire course, you will get better price.


Currently in progress:

  • 4 – weeks course – 01.07.2024 – 28.07.2024 – two missed hours can be replaced in a given course

Next course:

  • 5 – weeks course – 29.07.2024 – 01.09.2024 – two missed hours can be replaced in a given course
  • 8 – weeks course – 02.09.2024 – 27.10.2024 – two missed hours can be replaced in a given course
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Private class

Is it not suitable for you to train in a group or the dates of our group lessons? Try a private lesson, which we adapt to each client according to his time possibilities and sports knowledge. During the private lesson, we provide the individual approach of the coach and the exclusivity of the studio only for the client. In case of your interest, you can also arrange a private lesson for two or more clients at the same time.

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